646 Delsea Drive North, Glassboro NJ

About a mile off the campus of Rowan University and right behind McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts on Route 47, Samurai Hibachi Steakhouse is the place to be for fresh delicious sushi here in Glassboro.

Samurai is a decent sized dining room. On one side of the restaurant is the hibachi section with three hibachi cooktops with approximately 10 seats per table. The other side of the restaurant is the sushi side. Yes, even if you are sat on the sushi side you can get hibachi but you won’t get the show or even a piece of zucchini thrown at you.

My best friend, Gabby, and I have gone to Samurai two days in a row.. why? Because it’s that good! I highly recommend the Sweetheart Roll. White rice, shrimp tempura, crab, and spicy mayo. All of the sushi at Samurai is so incredibly fresh and crisp that it makes everyone come back for more.

This restaurant is perfect for either a date night with your significant other or lunch with your girlfriend(s).

The quiet ambiance of the restaurant makes for it to be a chill experience when you go there!

And the price?! The most appetizing part of it all.. 50% off sushi! EVERYDAY. Yes, you read that right. All the regular rolls at Samurai are 50% off.  For example, a California Roll is $2.50. A spicy tuna roll is $2.50. And the quality of the sushi is HIGH above that!

On the other hand, dinner time at Samurai can get pretty busy. Sunday night, Gabby and I were at Samurai and we got seated, ordered our sushi and had already eaten our Miso soup but we waited another 25 minutes for our sushi to come to our table. People were getting served before us that came WAY after us. Gabby and I were getting pretty aggravated but soon enough our food was served and we were content with the quality of it.

All in all, Samurai is a delicious sushi/ hibachi restaurant here in Glassboro that I highly recommend you go out and try!


Interview with Philly Grub!

The creator of Philly Grub, Marilyn Johnson!

Philly Grub- the place to look for all types of cuisines in the Philly and South Jersey.

Marilyn Johnson, the creator of “Philly Grub“, started her blog back in 2008. Being a foodie at heart is what sparked her start to her blog.

When I asked her about her favorite memory in creating her blog she said, “I actually started Philly Grub as a cooking/recipe blog with my friend Kate. We were roommates and enjoyed cooking together. So that is my favorite memory.”

When asked about any reservations about starting her blog she explained how it became more of a side hustle as a business as opposed to being just a hobby.

Sticking to the idea of being budget-friendly, a local place to eat Marilyn recommended PDQ in Cherry Hill! She said this restaurant is “super affordable” and “family-friendly.” All their sauces are homemade at PDQ! Their slogan is “Fresh Food Fast” and Marilyn says it is incredibly accurate.

AND a tip from Marilyn discussing staying on a budget while in Philly,  “Stay away from the tourist traps! They are tourist traps for a rea$on. Head on down to the “Italian Market” area where you can enjoy A LOT of Mexican and Asian food options (like a huge bowl of “pho”) for under $10.” 

Marilyn enjoys the social aspect of running her food blog. She meets the chefs, servers, and owners of the restaurants she visits and interviews. First-hand she gets to see the passion behind the food and helps with their success by putting a spotlight on their restaurant.

“Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” a saying that Marilyn Johnson acknowledges and abides by while creating her blog.

Check out Marilyn Johnson’s blog “Philly Grub” here! ->  http://phillygrub.wordpress.com


Food. Who doesn’t love food? AND without breaking the bank.

Since I don’t have a car on campus, I have to find food that will come to me. With the idea of not breaking the bank still in mind, I had to find some places in Glassboro that not only deliver but also save me some money as well.

About two weeks ago I was craving Mexican food. Back in my hometown, there is a 100% authentic Mexican restaurant that my friends and I always go to and I aimed to find the same by Rowan.

With the use of GrubHub, I began to order from El Mariachi, a local Mexican restaurant here in Glassboro.

I ordered Steak Sopes with a side of sour cream, guacamole, rice and refried beans. Sopes are basically a thick, doughy tortilla topped with the meat of your choice (I chose steak) and veggies.   At El Mariachi their Sopes are topped with steak, Oaxaca cheese, cilantro, and a little bit about pico de gallo.

The food I ordered at El Mariachi was extremely fresh and you can taste the authenticity in the food. The Sopes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The steak is tender and the cheese is slightly melted on top. The pico de gallo on the Sopes is fresh but too much cilantro in my opinion.

The rice from El Mariachi is fluffy and served with peas and chunks of tender potato.

The guacamole is very fresh. I feel like the price for the guacamole as a side is a good price being $2.00.

Overall, my meal was fantastic. The total for my meal was $19.87. The minimum for delivery is $14.00 Plus a delivery fee of $1.50. This may seem a little high of a delivery minimum but the quality of the food and the amount of food you get does make up for it.

Full Lashes Under $2!

What’s better than fuller NATURAL eyelashes? Nothing obviously.

I have watched a countless amount of youtube videos to see what products famous Youtubers use to get their eyelashes full and long looking.

But one makeup hack that I have found to work for myself and my friends as well is simple, VASELINE.

Yes, vaseline. So simple. Incredibly inexpensive and works in a matter of just a couple days.

Why vaseline? Well thank you for asking, vaseline is incredibly pure so (1) you aren’t putting anything potentially harmful on your eyes. (2) When vaseline was first promoted it was shown to be a topical ointment. (3) Eyelash Extensions PROPERLY done at a salon can cost you anywhere from $150 to $295!! NOOO WAY.  (4) Vaseline strengthens your eyelashes and your eyelashes won’t fall out so easily.

False lashes? They look pretty if applied correctly but they are a hassle to apply. NOT only that but then you have to start choosing if you want the single eyelashes, the cluster or the full set. Then comes to applying them.. the glue and the amount of precision it takes to apply. God forbid an eighteenth of the eyelash is not on your eyelid then you have to start the whole process over again. False lashes also cost between $15 to $45. Not too bad of a price BUT for only a one time use? To me, it isn’t worth it.

SO how do you use the vaseline for your eyelashes? Another great question. It’s quite simple.

  1. Purchase the vaseline
  2. Bring it home
  3. Get a Q-tip or you can simply use your finger
  4. Apply a small amount of the vaseline to one end of the Q-tip or to the tip of your finger
  5. Rub onto the root of your eyelashes closest to your lid.
  6. YOU can also rub the vaseline directly on your eyelashes, it won’t hurt/ burn I promise.
  7. Repeat the same to the other eye.

My recommendation is that you apply the vaseline before you go to bed.

NOTE: After a single use of vaseline and you sleep on it, you’ll only need a single coat (if that is your preference) of mascara when you apply your makeup the next day. THAT is how fast you will notice a difference.


^ I applied the vaseline the night before and ONE coat of mascara.

PS. If you want a little extra volume for your eyelashes I HIGHLY recommend Maybelline Volum’ Express Collosal Mascara. DOES NOT CLUMP YOUR EYELASHES TOGETHER. I’ve been using this mascara for several years now and it has never disappointed.

PSS. Vaseline can also be used as a mascara remover! My friend, Felicia, showed me that trick! I mean vaseline does come in big tub so you get another use out of it! Simply take a dab of vaseline onto your finger and rub onto your eye. IT WON’T BURN YOUR EYE. Watch as the mascara easily slides off your lashes. Just use toilet paper or a paper towel to rub the excess off. SIMPLEEEE.

ANOTHER USE: Dry hands or skin? Simply rub some vaseline on your cracked or dry hands and it help restore your dry skin. This happens to me especially in the cold, winter months so I have been using this trick recently here in Jersey with its ever changing weather.

Vaseline provides a variety of different uses but to get those eyelashes long and full, vaseline is the cheapiest and most effective way to go!

New Year, New Me (I’ll Stick to This One I Promise)

When a new year starts several people make their resolution to “hit the gym” or generally to get more fit.  But what’s the likeliness you stick to your resolution past a week? Maybe a month?

Absolutely we all want to complete our resolutions but college students find reasons like, “my schedule is too hectic” or “I don’t have the accessibility I need.” WRONG. You can stay away from the Freshman 15 or just keep off the extra weight in general.

NOW. Who wants to pay for a gym membership? Not I. Because why? Some gyms are too pricey.   You want certain amenities from one gym that their competitor who’s cheaper might not have. And we’re all just trying to save some money am I right? Of course, I am.

COLLEGE BUDDIES! Doesn’t your campus have a Rec Center? SO GET TO IT. Simple. Free. Swipe your campus card and get to working out.

But what about those times that you are a little lazy and don’t want to take that eight-minute walk to your Rec Center? AT HOME WORKOUTS!  At home (apartment, townhouse, dorm, whatever suits your situation) workouts are perfect for a rainy day in but you want to fulfill a workout. SO, lace up your sneaks and get to work on those abs

The number one rule when working out or even maintaining a healthy body weight is to stay hydrated.  And in your new kick for a healthier lifestyle, I urge you to stay away from soda. I have not drunk soda in six years and even after a week without soda I felt so much healthier. No need for those extra grams of sugar and hundreds of calories for a fixing for something to quench your thirst. Grab a tall glass of water and DRINK UP.

Workouts at your campus’ gym or even in your home combined with tons of water and cutting out simple extra simple calories can give you the right kickstart to your New Years’ Resolution.

Picture from a hike at the Ken Lockwood Gorge in Hunterdon County, NJ that me and my friends went on back in the summer! Add some fun to your workouts by going on a hike. Definitely grab a couple friends and enjoy a fun day out!

Picture from a hike at the Ken Lockwood Gorge in Hunterdon County, NJ that my friends and I went on back in the summer! Add some fun to your workouts by going on a hike. Definitely, grab a couple friends and enjoy a fun day out!

The Filharmonics, for FREE, here at Rowan!

On Rowan’s campus, there are plenty of opportunities to see a show for free with the use of your Rowan Card.

RAH, Rowan After Hours, is an organization on campus that brings in groups and performers for Rowan students to see.

On February 16th, RAH is bringing the Filharmonics to campus! The Filharmonics are an acapella group that have been seen on Pitch Perfect 2 and  The Late Late Show with James Corden.

This event takes place in the Student Center Pit and is free for Rowan Students. When a Rowan Student brings there Rowan Card to the Pit the RAH employee at the desk will swipe your card for your free admission. With your free admission comes with the Midnight Snack Bar which each guest is given access to.

The acapella all male group consists of six people. Jules, Joe, Barry, Trace, Niko, and VJ are an LA-based acapella group of Filipino-American background. They got their start on The Sing-Off. In which, they got all the way to the semi-finals and then joined the Sing-Off national tour.

The Filharmonic bring a mix of hip-hop and 90s when they hit the stage. In 2016, The Filharmonic visited over 150 colleges nationwide and was claimed to be the #1 College Booked Entertainment Group of the Year. And come February 16th, you can experience their talents live in the Student Center Pit! See y’all there!



I am Olivia Fasano and I am the creator behind Budget Buys.

A little bit about me: I am a sophomore at Rowan University and I am majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Broadcast.

The purpose behind Budget Buys is to provide college students and 20-somethings with help to stay on a budget while away at school. What you’ll see on my blog are posts on food, clothing, and excursions that will give you ideas to go out with your friends or significant other or even just a day to yourself but not break the bank simultaneously.

In the coming weeks, you will see posts about Thrifting and yummy lunch deals along with a day trip to Philly and not spending more than $30. THAT’S RIGHT.. a major city with fun memories and still some money left over in your pocket!

Stay tuned,