646 Delsea Drive North, Glassboro NJ

About a mile off the campus of Rowan University and right behind McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts on Route 47, Samurai Hibachi Steakhouse is the place to be for fresh delicious sushi here in Glassboro.

Samurai is a decent sized dining room. On one side of the restaurant is the hibachi section with three hibachi cooktops with approximately 10 seats per table. The other side of the restaurant is the sushi side. Yes, even if you are sat on the sushi side you can get hibachi but you won’t get the show or even a piece of zucchini thrown at you.

My best friend, Gabby, and I have gone to Samurai two days in a row.. why? Because it’s that good! I highly recommend the Sweetheart Roll. White rice, shrimp tempura, crab, and spicy mayo. All of the sushi at Samurai is so incredibly fresh and crisp that it makes everyone come back for more.

This restaurant is perfect for either a date night with your significant other or lunch with your girlfriend(s).

The quiet ambiance of the restaurant makes for it to be a chill experience when you go there!

And the price?! The most appetizing part of it all.. 50% off sushi! EVERYDAY. Yes, you read that right. All the regular rolls at Samurai are 50% off.  For example, a California Roll is $2.50. A spicy tuna roll is $2.50. And the quality of the sushi is HIGH above that!

On the other hand, dinner time at Samurai can get pretty busy. Sunday night, Gabby and I were at Samurai and we got seated, ordered our sushi and had already eaten our Miso soup but we waited another 25 minutes for our sushi to come to our table. People were getting served before us that came WAY after us. Gabby and I were getting pretty aggravated but soon enough our food was served and we were content with the quality of it.

All in all, Samurai is a delicious sushi/ hibachi restaurant here in Glassboro that I highly recommend you go out and try!


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