Interview with Philly Grub!

The creator of Philly Grub, Marilyn Johnson!

Philly Grub- the place to look for all types of cuisines in the Philly and South Jersey.

Marilyn Johnson, the creator of “Philly Grub“, started her blog back in 2008. Being a foodie at heart is what sparked her start to her blog.

When I asked her about her favorite memory in creating her blog she said, “I actually started Philly Grub as a cooking/recipe blog with my friend Kate. We were roommates and enjoyed cooking together. So that is my favorite memory.”

When asked about any reservations about starting her blog she explained how it became more of a side hustle as a business as opposed to being just a hobby.

Sticking to the idea of being budget-friendly, a local place to eat Marilyn recommended PDQ in Cherry Hill! She said this restaurant is “super affordable” and “family-friendly.” All their sauces are homemade at PDQ! Their slogan is “Fresh Food Fast” and Marilyn says it is incredibly accurate.

AND a tip from Marilyn discussing staying on a budget while in Philly,  “Stay away from the tourist traps! They are tourist traps for a rea$on. Head on down to the “Italian Market” area where you can enjoy A LOT of Mexican and Asian food options (like a huge bowl of “pho”) for under $10.” 

Marilyn enjoys the social aspect of running her food blog. She meets the chefs, servers, and owners of the restaurants she visits and interviews. First-hand she gets to see the passion behind the food and helps with their success by putting a spotlight on their restaurant.

“Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” a saying that Marilyn Johnson acknowledges and abides by while creating her blog.

Check out Marilyn Johnson’s blog “Philly Grub” here! ->


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