Food. Who doesn’t love food? AND without breaking the bank.

Since I don’t have a car on campus, I have to find food that will come to me. With the idea of not breaking the bank still in mind, I had to find some places in Glassboro that not only deliver but also save me some money as well.

About two weeks ago I was craving Mexican food. Back in my hometown, there is a 100% authentic Mexican restaurant that my friends and I always go to and I aimed to find the same by Rowan.

With the use of GrubHub, I began to order from El Mariachi, a local Mexican restaurant here in Glassboro.

I ordered Steak Sopes with a side of sour cream, guacamole, rice and refried beans. Sopes are basically a thick, doughy tortilla topped with the meat of your choice (I chose steak) and veggies.   At El Mariachi their Sopes are topped with steak, Oaxaca cheese, cilantro, and a little bit about pico de gallo.

The food I ordered at El Mariachi was extremely fresh and you can taste the authenticity in the food. The Sopes are crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The steak is tender and the cheese is slightly melted on top. The pico de gallo on the Sopes is fresh but too much cilantro in my opinion.

The rice from El Mariachi is fluffy and served with peas and chunks of tender potato.

The guacamole is very fresh. I feel like the price for the guacamole as a side is a good price being $2.00.

Overall, my meal was fantastic. The total for my meal was $19.87. The minimum for delivery is $14.00 Plus a delivery fee of $1.50. This may seem a little high of a delivery minimum but the quality of the food and the amount of food you get does make up for it.


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