Full Lashes Under $2!

What’s better than fuller NATURAL eyelashes? Nothing obviously.

I have watched a countless amount of youtube videos to see what products famous Youtubers use to get their eyelashes full and long looking.

But one makeup hack that I have found to work for myself and my friends as well is simple, VASELINE.

Yes, vaseline. So simple. Incredibly inexpensive and works in a matter of just a couple days.

Why vaseline? Well thank you for asking, vaseline is incredibly pure so (1) you aren’t putting anything potentially harmful on your eyes. (2) When vaseline was first promoted it was shown to be a topical ointment. (3) Eyelash Extensions PROPERLY done at a salon can cost you anywhere from $150 to $295!! NOOO WAY.  (4) Vaseline strengthens your eyelashes and your eyelashes won’t fall out so easily.

False lashes? They look pretty if applied correctly but they are a hassle to apply. NOT only that but then you have to start choosing if you want the single eyelashes, the cluster or the full set. Then comes to applying them.. the glue and the amount of precision it takes to apply. God forbid an eighteenth of the eyelash is not on your eyelid then you have to start the whole process over again. False lashes also cost between $15 to $45. Not too bad of a price BUT for only a one time use? To me, it isn’t worth it.

SO how do you use the vaseline for your eyelashes? Another great question. It’s quite simple.

  1. Purchase the vaseline
  2. Bring it home
  3. Get a Q-tip or you can simply use your finger
  4. Apply a small amount of the vaseline to one end of the Q-tip or to the tip of your finger
  5. Rub onto the root of your eyelashes closest to your lid.
  6. YOU can also rub the vaseline directly on your eyelashes, it won’t hurt/ burn I promise.
  7. Repeat the same to the other eye.

My recommendation is that you apply the vaseline before you go to bed.

NOTE: After a single use of vaseline and you sleep on it, you’ll only need a single coat (if that is your preference) of mascara when you apply your makeup the next day. THAT is how fast you will notice a difference.


^ I applied the vaseline the night before and ONE coat of mascara.

PS. If you want a little extra volume for your eyelashes I HIGHLY recommend Maybelline Volum’ Express Collosal Mascara. DOES NOT CLUMP YOUR EYELASHES TOGETHER. I’ve been using this mascara for several years now and it has never disappointed.

PSS. Vaseline can also be used as a mascara remover! My friend, Felicia, showed me that trick! I mean vaseline does come in big tub so you get another use out of it! Simply take a dab of vaseline onto your finger and rub onto your eye. IT WON’T BURN YOUR EYE. Watch as the mascara easily slides off your lashes. Just use toilet paper or a paper towel to rub the excess off. SIMPLEEEE.

ANOTHER USE: Dry hands or skin? Simply rub some vaseline on your cracked or dry hands and it help restore your dry skin. This happens to me especially in the cold, winter months so I have been using this trick recently here in Jersey with its ever changing weather.

Vaseline provides a variety of different uses but to get those eyelashes long and full, vaseline is the cheapiest and most effective way to go!


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