The Filharmonics, for FREE, here at Rowan!

On Rowan’s campus, there are plenty of opportunities to see a show for free with the use of your Rowan Card.

RAH, Rowan After Hours, is an organization on campus that brings in groups and performers for Rowan students to see.

On February 16th, RAH is bringing the Filharmonics to campus! The Filharmonics are an acapella group that have been seen on Pitch Perfect 2 and  The Late Late Show with James Corden.

This event takes place in the Student Center Pit and is free for Rowan Students. When a Rowan Student brings there Rowan Card to the Pit the RAH employee at the desk will swipe your card for your free admission. With your free admission comes with the Midnight Snack Bar which each guest is given access to.

The acapella all male group consists of six people. Jules, Joe, Barry, Trace, Niko, and VJ are an LA-based acapella group of Filipino-American background. They got their start on The Sing-Off. In which, they got all the way to the semi-finals and then joined the Sing-Off national tour.

The Filharmonic bring a mix of hip-hop and 90s when they hit the stage. In 2016, The Filharmonic visited over 150 colleges nationwide and was claimed to be the #1 College Booked Entertainment Group of the Year. And come February 16th, you can experience their talents live in the Student Center Pit! See y’all there!


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